Antonio P. Alvaro

Antonio is currently a student of the Bachelor of Visual Communication in Media & Interaction at SUPSI – University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland. He prior graduated as Graphic and Communication designer from DaVinci-Ripamonti in Como.

He had already experience in the graphic design environment as Freelacer designer, and at the age of nineteen he managed to become an High School teacher, the youngest among the whole school.

As passionate film lover, he begun to push himself into learning cinema and VFX tecniques. As now he is currently writing his very first narrative short, Until the End.

Thanks to his common passion with his friends, Valentina and Alessio, they found StudioWhakan, a place where to showcase their work as associates.

His portfolio shows “Sguardo di Fuoco” a commercial for a restaurant chain contest, the Studio Whakan Intro and “A Breath of Calabria”, but many more are about to come.