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A New Look…

Our website needed a redesign.

Yesterday we hit our first year, today one year ago we also launched our website, the design was nice but wasn’t optimal for our contents.
We also lauched our social pages that seemed pretty much abbandoned after just few months of life but, as you may have already noticed, it’s almost a week that our instagram page is back again with daily stories.

In these months we have been busy with the production, post-production and the distribution of Una Luce Prima del Buio, our first short movie, but also trying to develop a new strategy, so here whats new:

  • Switched to English from Italian as a primary language (social and website)
  • Daily Instagram stories
  • Question & Answer time
  • Weekly Quiz on Instagram
  • Brand new design for our website
  • A Blog page on our website

From now on we will try to put more care to our website, by publishing updates and maybe something more… promise.

Stay Tuned!

Sneaky peek next story: Making of Una Luce Prima del Buio